Will thier be childcare at the revolution?

therapeutic musings of a mama

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7 September 1976
I am a work in progress...

acting, activism, agua, alice in wonderland, alix olson, aloha, angelina jolies' lips, ani difranco, astronomy, avocados, back muscles, barefeet, baths, bellies, ben harper, best friends, birth, bisexuality, blazing fires, breakfast, breasts, bubbles, canoes, cats with long fur, chamber music, children, collage, concrete blonde, congas, cool streams, creation, cultures, curvy hips, dancing, dave mathews band, deep kisses, discovery, dragonflies, dragons, drums, electric souls, faeries, feminism, fuzzy slippers, garlic, ginger leis, ginger tea, glass bongs, green grass, growth, hands, hawaii, hiking, honesty, hugs, hula, ice cream, intelligence, italy, jeans, john lennon, kalalau valley, kauai, kite flying, knitted hats, laughter, led zepplin, lesbians, life, live music, living large, long skirts, lumahi days, lumahi nights, madonna, maile leis, making love, mandolins, mangoes, menehunes, meteorite showers, moonbows, morning glories, motherhood, moving my limbs, music, my 12 string ovation, ocean, orion, painting, papayas, photographs, pikake, playing guitar, plumerias, poetry, poi, polihale, politics, pregnancy, prince, purple, rainbows, reality, reflection, reggae, revalations, rice and shoyu, rich laughter, robert nestae marley, science, sea turtles, self education, shells, singing, sleep, slippers, songwriting, spliffs with my dad, straight-uppedness, sun on my skin, sunrises, sunsets, surprises, sushi, taking deep breaths, taoism, tatoos, teaching, the big island, the cure, the dark crystal, theatre, toe socks, tootsie pops, tori amos, traveling, ukulele, van morrison, violins, warm breezes, waterfalls, waves, winter sky, wisdom, women, writting, yellow, yoga, zap mamma

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