ask me with your hands up... (valleyblossom) wrote,
ask me with your hands up...

Geuss who moved home to Hawaii????

Yep thats right ladies and gents and those not defined by body or gender,


Its strange and then some.
Overall good, it takes a while though, to sink into a new place... and I am not on Kauai which was my home, I am on the island of Oahu which is an entirely different culture.  So essentially now I miss Kauai and I miss LA.

I just finally got a job, stepping it up as the Early Education Specialist for PID Hawaii's Na Pono No Na Ohana family education program in Waimanalo.  I will be working within the Native Hawaiian community focusing on Literacy (SOCIAL ACTION UUUUUUUuuuuuuunnnngh!) and overall family empowerment.

I am stoked.
Expertise recognized.

Life is all about change people, for me, in general, all about it.

I fell in love with an amazing woman before leaving LA and I am riding it out in hopes that a path back to her shows itself.  Straight up I will plant my soles in that direction.  But for now its really complicated and I am just trying to approach it with honesty.
Honesty for myself.
Honesty for my husband.
Honesty for her.

I hope all are well.
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