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I love minty shampoo

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14 months of dreading the locks and its come to this...
in a moment of pure impulsive authenticity of self...
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yes I wept...
The rocking jolting humbling experience began in honor of a true love lost and then became more personal than I ever could have forseen.
weeding out the weeds...
Testing the boundaries of perceptions.
humbling myself completely.
The maintenence was more than with any other hair that has loomed on my head.
The pain involved far surpased any ink laden needle that has graced my skin.
The nakedness of my core self has never been so exposed.
The irritation ... the joy
perfect balance.

I was done with it all today. I had been pondering it for some time now... I have been going back and forth for about a month about shaving them or not to shave them. Loving both ideas. Proving something to myself each time I fought the urge to cut them over the last 14 months. An odd sense of undefinable pride like I had something to prove however I am not sure that I did.
I suddenly realized that I did not need it to be paralleled by a symbolic event or day or time period marking by which the time would be seen as right. Simply by acting and by dong it I created the symbolism. Today was the day in deed. Girish back combed them and Girish chopped them too.
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I feel light.
I feel like it was the right choice.
I know who I am.
I am solid in this body, beneath my skin, I transcend all the boxes... without a reason. Simply because I AM.

I feel happy.
Some of those babies were fucking fat and nattynatty tight.
~Me Ke Aloha Ke Akua~
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