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what I have been thinking about (and studying) while away

ignorance is well fed by this constructed society we live in. It is the ultimate challenge to find bouts for achieving social action when most of us are either consumed by survival... or if survival comes easy for some of us it is often replaced by the dangling carrot syndrom... "If I put all of my faith and effort into my PERSONAL (read egocentric) interests then I can have more more MORE>>>> In reality I feel that television and mass media consumer culture rob us of our ability to ever get there while at the same time acts to falsely convince us that it is possible to break through the glass cieling of access that looms above most of our heads, some of us more than others (read: white privilage).

I think a lot of people shy away from consciousness and social change action and/or dialogue because we want immediate results and quick fixes when really these things take multiple generations to impact society on an evolutionary level. While it might be depressing for us because of our societies tendency towards instant gratification, It is our small stones that build mountains. We are all but one in a sea of millions who daily confront thier individual choices with either dedicated integrity or human nature induced apathy because it all seems like too much when you look at the big picture. Baby steps keep us sane but are hard to accept. I will never make a worthy wage as a preschool fucking PROFESSIONAL!!!! who has spent thousands upon thousands for the education I empower myself with mentally and only make $12.36 an hour with.... NONE THE LESS I will never stop working with this system to change that reality.... ever.

If I seem angry... Its not anger. In fact the deeper I find myself within this consciousness raising self that has been nurtured my whole life the more empathy I find myself having for varrying perspectives and those of us who do not have an investment in social political issues. I am not mad at people and this has not always been the case. I used to feel pity/disgust/superiority even towards people who were ignorant... I dont mean people who felt differently then me but people who Choose to remain ignorant and unaware. This anger has shifted into an understanding for why this reality exists for many people in this country. It is the system, the construct, not the individual that is to blame. However once you tap in... once you honor the realities of classism and all the other isms and schisms thet shapee our reality then you become accountable. Maybe you need more time to question identity and slowly go through the process of growth. For some it may never evolve out of a personal growth (which is so important) and to many it will become a harmonious reflection of the political embracing the personal. Because it exists as such. Deny it as you must... there comes a point where not allowing yourself to feel it makes you accountable for it.

The myopia is deep here in America. We wre founded as such. Racism was created by laws inacted by white political leaders when the black slaves and the Irish immigrants started sharing beers, making babies, and talking revolution. That powere was frightful to those with the acess to the power at the time.
Social constructs are embedded in the fabric of this country. I am not talking about prejudace based on bias and the cognitive nature to categorize.... that is something entirely different.
Does anyone feel me?
talk to me please!
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What a lovely piece of my day.

I'll pass along the hopi quote (well an approimation anyway)
"we'll never be able to effect change in those we disagree with as
long as we try and forced our ideas on them"

I was overjoyed just to see a post from ya, and now I get a wonderful
piece about the cultural decline in this country. The beginings of change
are having to fight tooth and nail for every step, just as the inertia
of the past fights to hold every last inch of ground it has.

Your message is both inspiring and realistic, hard to get both in the same
bag, but you did a good job of pointing out the hard work needed to exact
change in a world so designed to produce a common result (failure).