ask me with your hands up... (valleyblossom) wrote,
ask me with your hands up...

majical feet...

Anxiously awaiting the results of my urinalysis to see if the job I just got will be mine to keep...

Stellar interview
solid in my theory
communication skills and presentation skills, Im a natural
empathy for the human experience required to mentor and teach children and adults.... I got that.
Understanding of social construct, literacy as a means to empowerment, the value of culture and sustainability of a cultures customs...Im in love with these things.
Well one slice really.
But a huge slice.
I recognize my access to power and I have every intention of utilizing that power for change. Social change. Native Hawaiian Social Change.

This IS the perfect job for me and I am the one they want.

Trouble is?

I am, in fact, a recreational marijuana smoker.
So we'll see what comes of it all.
I took my peepee shee shee test yesterday and today I went in, off the clock, to be present on the first day of the Na Pono No Na Ohana family education program in Waimanalo as the face of the new Early Education Specialist (thats my fancy title).
My supervisor hugged and kissed me, put a sticker on my shirt that read, "auntie Valley", and did not mention the results of my urinalysis.

I have only smoked two times this month because, DUH, I don't have a job...
ya know?
None the less, I should FAIL because well... 2 times is... TWO TIMES.

I figure if I dont hear from them tomorrow then they are not concerned about pakalolo OR some magical feat of er... angels somehow caused my test results to be inaccurate.
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