ask me with your hands up... (valleyblossom) wrote,
ask me with your hands up...

early in the morning

sprinklers watering grass, dirt, and concrete.
Shankara wide eyed awake and still on the bed mesmerized by the visual.

in the zone.

Today I hope to find out, once and for all, if my family will be returning to Hawaii.
Limbo is over which is good because it hurts my spine and my mind.

I have been waiting for 13 years to go back home and today I will know if its my time.
I think its my time.

Until we know its all systems go for JUST ANOTHER DAY.
Happy Aloha Friday.

I hope this morning, click clacking on live journal, is the return to this place.
I have tried a few times to come back to this home and so far it has remained short and sweet.

I would really like to stay
feel drawn to spew freely and anonymously.

well fairly anonymously.

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