ask me with your hands up... (valleyblossom) wrote,
ask me with your hands up...

worst, best, and longest....

1. Worst damage you ever took in a fight?
One fight... Some jaw damage that I am reminded of when I yawn or sing sorprano. I also got a bloody nose in that fight and a reality check to expect the unexpected.

2. Most money you ever owed Credit Card Company
I owe a little less than 10 grand right now but it's multiple credit cards (wedding). I think the highest on one card was 5 grand maxed out before I starrted paying it off.

3. Last time you got kicked out of a bar?
I have never been kicked out of a bar, or anything. I have been kicked out of hotel jaccuzzi's actually.

4. Longest time you slept in a car?
the whole hideous night.

5. Most f*cked up nickname you've ever been given?
mmmmmm.... I am sure there were some real fucked up ones that never invaded my ears. I have blocked it all out I suppose because I cannot think of one and I know there were some. Chad Miller used to call me Bali Hai but whatever thats not at all fucked up now is it?

6. Worst job you ever had?
Foodland in Princeville as a Deli clerk. Fuck that! Deep frying shit and cutting meats for people. Plus my shifts started at 6.

7. Shortest job you've ever had?
One day as a substitute for Culver City school district. This was one day after weeks of paper work. I was over it.

8. Longest romantic relationship?
10 years plus and going strong.

9. Shortest romantic relationship?
There were a few one night stands that were sexual in nature only and the friendship sustained. A couple of them still do. But RELATIONSHIP.... two way try it out lovins.... Vince Garcia for about a week. I felt like I was kissing my cousin. I loved him too much to risk that. AND I got all hot and heavy for Logan at that time.

10. Food that you would eat until you puked?
ice cream or Kalalau mangos

11. Food that even looking at makes you puke?

12. What music saved your life?
Johnette Napolitano who sang for Concrete Blonde... Saved my fucking life!

13. Person you miss the most in the world?
Sage and my mama in no particular order.

14. Worst movie you've ever seen?
So so so so so so so many! Um, one would be Cabin by the lake part II

15. Best movie you've ever seen?
Natural Born Killers or Kill Bill

16. Movie you really want to see?
An American Haunting because I HEARD about it. I am not exposed to previews only personal accounts of what was seen.

17. Ever almost die?
I can think of a few taunts.... But never like, on a hospital bed half dead ... seen the light ... reserection stylee...
Just your average, Girish asleep at the wheel and woke up half on the street and half on the divider. Milisecond later we would be dead. Frying in huge surf at secrets, that sort of shit.

18. Ever fight a member of the opposite sex?
I punched a boy who had a crush on me in the sixth grade. I think his name was Gaylord.

19. Best place you have ever lived?
A toss up between infancy in Kalalau and Summers at my dad's Wainiha hale 10 years ago.

20. Worst place you have ever lived?
Pasadena... and it wasnt too bad in retrospect. The aparrtment is what fucking sucked! Fuck that cockaroach brewery.

21. Bad habit you have?
Assuming people get the context of what I am rambling about. Another would be NOT EXERCISING!

22. Noise that makes you want to punch people?
Noise levels dont really phase me. When people blare there horns while they drive irrationally I dont want to PUNCH them but I do want to laugh and eeeeek the shit out of them. This urge fades as I age. I am learning to smile at all the circumstances in which people's egos swear that THEY ARE RIGHT!!! Its fascinating to me really.

23. Your favorite tattoo?
My favorite tattoo.... on my body.... I love all of them. They all represent something beautiful to me as they serve to preserve qualities of my self that have since evolved... OR as they remind me of loves I have had that have evolved out of the land of the living. Each one is a testament to my culture, history, and growth. I look forward to the tribal mermaid on the underside of my sleeve in progress.... I geuss my favorite tattoo is the one I have not thought of yet.

24. Least favorite tattoo?
None of mine qualify.

26. Most money you have ever spent on a single meal?
Not sure.... over a hundred bucks or so. MMMMM unless you count catering the wedding that was about 7000.

27. Best gift you ever got?
My child on Christmas 2001

28. Best pet you ever had?
BooBoo kitty RIP

29. Ever run from the cops?
Yes in my dihatsu at Lumahi. I out drove him and parked stealth like behind the Lumahi pine trees as he passed towards Wainiha and then eventually passed back towards Hanalei. I cockily pulled out and headed home to Wainiha and he caught up with me at the double bridges. Somehow I talked my way out of a ticket though.... Thanks KPAC!

30. Money or love
Love love love!
"You can get the money you can get the power, keep your eyes on the final hour."
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